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Model of Wellbeing

Our Model

At JDV Coaching, it’s our goal to give you the freedom to flourish by nurturing every aspect of your mental, physical, and social life. That’s why we’ve created a set of values, strengths and self-awareness areas that will help you achieve wellbeing. You can check out our Model of Wellbeing in the graphic below.

JDV Model of Wellbeing
The JDV Model of Wellbeing

We believe that wellbeing starts from within – and you have to discover your best self before you can really focus on your development. That’s where JDV comes in. Driven by positive psychology and a sporting mindset, we help individuals, teams, and organisations find strategies to improve performance and wellbeing. Our community of like-minded thinkers will focus on developing your talent by motivating you to excel across all areas of your life. It all starts with helping you understand and embrace the JDV Model of Wellbeing.

How We Work

Our founder, Keith Binley, believes that adopting the right organisational strategies and coaching styles can help individuals and teams unleash their true performance capabilities. Keith’s style is collaborative, exploratory and challenging, backed up by a supportive and client-centred approach. Our coaching programmes will take you on a journey of personal development and self-awareness, where you’ll discover and explore both your limits and potential.

“The ethos of JDV shows how the sporting mindset can be applied to the business world to establish a balance between high performance and enjoying what you do”

JDV Coaching, 2022

Our Programmes

The two main JDV coaching programmes follow our Model of Wellbeing to help teams, individuals and organisations enhance their existing skillsets and develop new talents:

  • Explore and Emerge is designed for individuals looking for a less structured style of coaching and personal development. The programme will give you more freedom if you prefer to take an independent approach to your chosen career path.
  • JDV Team Development aims to create winning teams that excel in performance and wellbeing. Through challenge, conflict and collaboration, we’ll help define the right purpose, direction and behavioural strategies for your team, identifying and eliminating areas that might hold you back.

Work With JDV

To find out more about either of our coaching programmes, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. You can also book a Discovery Call to find out if our services are a good fit for you, your team or your organisation.

Join JDV Today

It’s a big part of our ethos to bring like-minded people together. Our mission is to build a team of coaches who share our philosophy and culture of performance and wellbeing. We’re aiming to develop semi-pro and pro athletes who are keen to coach and develop individuals and teams after their sports careers have come to an end. Please contact us for more information about the JDV coaching community or to arrange an informal chat about joining us.

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