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Why hire an executive coach?


That’s the $64,000 question…

…and it’s one we get asked pretty often at JDV Coaching. However, it’s not the only question you should be asking if you’re thinking of hiring a coach for yourself, your team or organisation. Just as critical is the issue of “How do I find the right executive coach?” In our latest blog, we’ll take a look at both these questions from the JDV viewpoint.

Our top 5 reasons to hire a coach

  1. Boost your performance and wellbeing

Many people think that hiring an executive coach is just about developing the leadership and strategic skills you need to improve your performance at work. We don’t think like that at JDV. We see performance and personal wellbeing as going hand in hand – and this ethos runs through everything we do. You can read more about this in our Model of Wellbeing blog.

  1. Learn to enjoy what you do

It’s a sad fact that many business leaders, executives and teams feel stressed or dissatisfied with their roles. Naturally, this can hold back performance as well as potentially causing health problems. But with the right coaching, these feelings can be flipped on their heads so you feel energised and enthusiastic. JDV’s approach is all about positive psychology and finding the right balance between high performance and enjoyment. We want you to find the joy in your life, hence the name of our company: “Joie de Vivre Coaching.” Coaching might be a serious business, but that doesn’t mean it has to be oppressive.

  1. Take a journey of self-awareness

The right executive coach will help you unlock your potential, or that of your team or organisation, by helping you define the right purpose, direction and behaviours to adopt in order to perform to your best. Together, you’ll take a journey of self-awareness and self-development, working out the best strategies to move towards a more positive working environment and culture. At the same time, we’ll identify the negatives that are holding your back from living your best life, and explore how these can be eliminated.

  1. Be a better collaborator and a better leader

We always say that team performance starts with the individuals who make up that team – including its leaders. And if collaboration is absent or just not working well, a coach can help you overcome these issues. Executive coaching can help inspire you to make a positive, valuable contribution to your team, whether you’re developing your career path or already in a leadership role. At JDV, we use individual and team development tools to create a common language, build trust and help your team shift to a higher gear.

  1. Find your best self…and then do something with it!

Of course, an executive coach can’t hand you everything on a plate. Think of your coach as more of a springboard to success – someone who gives you the insights and practical tools to build on what you’ve learned and take the right steps towards true self-development. JDV can take you on a journey of exploration, discovery and self-knowledge, but what you do with this is up to you.

OK, so how do I find the right executive coach?

Well, that’s up to you. It all depends on your goals and aspirations for your career and personal life. Executive coaches offer a wide variety of techniques and approaches, and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ service. We recommend you do some research into finding the right fit for your individual, team or organisation’s needs and culture.

Like what you hear about JDV Coaching?

If the coaching style we’ve described in this blog sounds right up your street, we’d love to hear from you. Why not book a free discovery call to find out more? You’ll also find more information about the JDV Coaching approach and our services on this website, so take a look around.

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